Oona River Resources Association

The Oona River Resource Association (ORRA) was founded in 2000 in an effort to address North Coast community sustainability and economic diversification through fisheries enhancement projects, tourism and ecosystem stewardship initiatives.

About Oona River

Porcher Island

Porcher Island is one of the protective islands that rim the British Columbia coast and is the 8th largest island on the coast. Situated in Hecate Strait, it is 210 sq mi/544 sq km and is almost square in shape, at 22 mi/35 km long and 18 mi/29 km wide. Its northern tip is 16 mi/26 km south-southwest of the City of Prince Rupert. It is separated from the mainland by Telegraph Passage, which is about 6 mi/9.6 in width near the north end of Porcher Island, narrowing to about 3 mi/4.8 km wide near the southern part by Ogden Channel. Its coastline is deeply indented and mountains on the island rise over 2000 ft/610 metres in height.

The Hatchery

Hundreds of hours of volunteer work and donated materials were carefully utilized, dedicated professionals contracted for operations and outreach into neighboring communities initiated.

By planning, launching and implementing innovative fisheries programs from this ideal and central North Coast location, two kilometers upstream of the village of Oona River ORRA was able to classify opportunities for stream inventory and enhancement and carry out many successful stream restoration and salmonid enhancement projects within their operating area.

Coast Mountain College Field Trip

"....past summers the Coast Mountain College Applied Coastal Ecology (ACE) students completed their four day annual field lab in conjunction with the Oona River Resource Association (ORRA), a non profit organization whose home base is located at Oona River on Porcher Island. At Oona River ACE students participate in real world community-based forest and ecosystems projects to gain employment-ready experience on how to create and apply procedures to mitigate and maintain healthy forest, river and coastal ecosystems..."

Pouyan Mahboubi

Applied Coastal Ecology Program Coordinator and University Credit Instructor at CMTN

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